Our Pastors

Pastor Carl Grice

Pastor Carl Grice, the Senior Pastor of Praying Time Ministries received his Master Teaching certificate from the Samuel Kelsey Bible Institute. The Kelsey Institute is an affiliate of the Charles H. Mason system of Bible Colleges in the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Grice initially served in St. Paul Temple Church of God in Christ as a faithful deacon. He was later called to preach and teach God’s word, and was subsequently called to become a pastor.

Pastor Grice has extensive experience teaching God’s word to varied audiences. In addition, he has served as a mentor to many who are now pastors and church leaders today. His gentle, yet firm, approach embodied in a wealth of wisdom has been beneficial to those to whom he has ministered to for over 30 years. Pastor Grice is a living example of a committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He believes that members of the church deserve sincere responses from their leader and that leaders should live as true examples of Christ on a daily basis. Pastor Grice does not hesitate to reach to those who feel lost, confused, overlooked or hopeless. He has a committed life of prayer and the study of God’s word which strengthens him and enables him to continue in the Lord’s work.

In addition to serving as the Senior Pastor of PTM, Pastor Carl Grice has a passion for community outreach. He is a faithful husband, father, grandfather and brother. He is a friend to many and treats all with respect.

Pastor Cloretta Grice

Pastor Cloretta Grice is the wife of Senior Pastor Carl Grice and is also co-founder of Praying Time Ministries. She has served in many capacities while working in various ministries within the Church of God in Christ including: National Evangelist, Church Mother, and Prayer Warrior President (Washington, D.C. Jurisdiction). In 2010, she was installed as the Delaware State Supervisor in the International Church of God in Christ. Pastor Grice has completed biblical studies at the Kelsey Bible Institute and has received training from Mobile Bible Institute along with other biblical study programs. She is known as a pastor who depends on the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit in her delivery of the Word of God.

Pastor Grice has a committed life of prayer and is often sought for prayer by people nationwide. In addition, Pastor Grice can be found teaching the Word of God weekly on TV station WJAL (in the Chambersburg, PA area). Through her anointed preaching and teaching, many have turned to Christ and experienced a change in their lives.

Pastor Grice is a dedicated wife, daughter, mother, grandmother and sister. She has extraordinary love for people and seeks to help them in any way that she can. Pastor Cloretta Grice is a true example of a godly woman and serves as a mentor to many.